For most of our customers, no maintenance is necessary on your Olight LED Torch..

After saying that, there are those  who like to maintain their equipment to the best of their abilities – this guide is for those people. All up this is only a few minutes of work but will enhance the lifespan and usability of your LED torches and headlamps.

Threads & O-Rings

Wiping the threads with a clean cloth is probably the simplest and most effective thing you can do. If you have silicone spray or silicone grease this would also be beneficial, but keeping the threads clean is the most important thing


A clean up with a pencil eraser (rubber) on each end of the battery contacts can work wonders, as it will on so many electrical connections on torches or not. This same eraser will also work on your charger contacts.


None of the above is necessary but all these suggestions will help your torch.